Westview Behavioral Health Services (Westview) is a South Carolina-licensed and nationally-accredited facility focusing on behavioral issues which negatively effect a person’s well being and personal interaction.  In addition, Westview serves as the legislatively-mandated authority for substance abuse treatment and prevention in Newberry and Saluda Counties.

Our Vision

Westview's vision is that of a therapeutic community in which the availability of timely and effective prevention, intervention, and treatment services reduces human suffering caused by behavioral health issues. 

Our Mission

To assist the citizens of Newberry and Saluda Counties in the prevention of, treatment of, and recovery from negative behavioral health issues by offering effective, affordable, and timely services.

Westview believes that the physical health and prosperity a person experiences are directly related to factors much less  perceptible.    Westview also recognizes that due to a variety of life stressors, a portion of the general population is at risk of developing negative behavior patterns in an attempt to cope with the daily demands of job, home, relationships, finances, etc.  This may manifest itself as feelings of depression and anxiety, lack of self confidence, low self-esteem, or feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. We offer affordable, accessible services to assist individuals and families with developing alternative, healthy behaviors. 

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