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The Gift of Treatment

Westview provides the opportunity for private giving through the Gift of Treatment. For more information, go to The Gift of Treatment

Prevention Services

A Seed of Prevention

Each month Westview writes a monthly article for our local newspapers "The Saluda Sentinel" and "The Newberry Observer." These articles are used to increase community awareness about new alcohol and drug trends that are affecting youth.
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Newberry Multi
-Agency Council

The Newberry Multi-Agency Council (MAC) was established by Westview in July, 1991 to plan, develop, and coordinate the programmatic and resource development of the community on an ongoing basis and to help ensure that human services are planned and implemented to better serve the citizens of Newberry County.

The Council seeks to engage in positive and collaborative problem-solving by:

  • Better planning, development, and coordination of programs
  • Eliminating duplication of effort
  • Identifying service gaps, opportunities, challenges, and needs
  • Bridging gaps between agencies and service recipients

Alcohol and Drug Awareness Month

During the month of April, Westview implements special programs to educate, entertain, and involve the community in prevention activities.

Parenting Programs

Westview provides parenting programs throughout the community. These programs contain video, lecture, and family interaction components. The programs teach parents to identify risk factors associated with teenage drug abuse and to practice skills which will promote family bonding and thereby reduce negative risks. Specific programs include Families and Schools Together, Preparing for the Drug Free Years, and Parent to Parent.

Red Ribbon Campaign

Each October, Westview coordinates the Newberry Red Ribbon Campaign with a comprehensive, week-long series of events. The agency implements a variety of programs focusing on community awareness of alcohol and drug problems.

Public Speaking and Presentations

Westview's department of special programs provides public speaking lectures and presentations on a variety of the issues targeted by the agency. Contact the agency at (803) 276-5690 to arrange for a speaker to address your organization.

Alcohol Stories

Westview implements a youth education program that targets Middle School youth. Westview recognizes this is the age when youth are experiencing identity confusion and are easily persuaded to participate in high risk behaviors that can cause them life-long problems. "Alcohol Stories" gives youth the tools needed to recognize the dangers of using alcohol and other drugs.

Merchant Education

Palmetto Retailers Education Progtam (PREP) is merchant education program approved by the S.C. Department of Revenue and S.C. Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services. PREP is a short course that helps reduce underage access to alcohol and tobacco products in Newberry County. This curriculum provides managers and servers/sellers with the knowledge and skills to comply with state laws as they relate to alcohol and tobacco sales. The curriculum gives merchants the tools needed to establish alcohol and tobacco policies, in order to avoid the potential consequences of failing to comply with those policies.

Alcohol Education Program (AEP)

The AEP program is a prevention education program designed for youth who are in violation of minor first-time alcohol and drug offenses. Westview uses the Prime for Life (PRI) curriculum. PRI is a risk reduction program. The first goal of the program is to help each participant in the program reduce risk for any type of alcohol or drug problem. The second goal focuses on self-assessment to help people understand and accept the need to make changes to protect the things most valuable in their lives.

South Carolina Tobacco Education Program (TEP)

The TEP program is offered as an alternative to students who face suspension for violation of a school tobacco-use policy or who break the South Carolina tobacco statute which states: It is unlawful for a minor under the age of 18 to purchase, possess, or attempt to purchase, tobacco products and /or to present false proof of age in order to purchase a tobacco product.

Alcohol and Tobacco Compliance Checks

Alcohol and tobacco compliance checks are environmental strategies proven to reduce youth access to alcohol and tobacco products.

Treatment Services
Medicaid/Medicare Program

Westview provides outpatient services to individuals currently receiving benefits through medicaid/medicare and to individuals who are potential recipients.

Financial Assessments - Determination of a client's inability to pay for services or client indigence will be determined by a financial assessment. Fees charged shall be based on a uniform financial assessment procedure applied to all clients to determine ability to pay and to identify indigence. However, services shall not be denied if the client fails to pay designated fee.

Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP)

The South Carolina ADSAP program, an eight week program mandated by Sections 56-5-2990 and 56-1-1330 of the SC Code of Laws, 1976, as amended, is a statewide education and intervention program designed for persons convicted of driving under the influence. ADSAP services are certified by the SC Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Offering direct support to employers in identifying, referring, and following through in treatment recommendations, the EAP serves to assist employees in dealing with problems which interfere with their jobs. The EAP services include assessment and evaluation, direct intervention, case management, referral, and follow-up in all areas. The programs are tailored to meet the needs of the employer as determined through consultation. EAPs can be effective, cost-saving benefits to employer and employee alike, reducing turnover and increasing morale.

Federal Probation and Parole/Pretrial Intervention Program

Westview offers federal clients an opportunity to receive treatment services (inpatient and outpatient) in a controlled, structured environment to individuals identified as needing AOD services. In addition, Westview provides urinalysis for individuals under this program

Interagency Treatment Team

Westview participates in a quarterly meeting of representatives from local, state, county, and private agencies to discuss issues relevant to the delivery of clinical services in Newberry. This also provides a forum for an interdisciplinary approach to staffing special and/or difficult cases.

Testing Services
Westview offers drug testing services individually or through an EAP agreement.

Offender-Based Intervention Program (OBI)

Westview coordinates services with the local Probation, Pardon, and Parole agency, local judges, and magistrates to provide programs to treat the specialized needs this population presents.

Outpatient Program

Westview offers a variety of services to individuals, couples, and families experiencing behavioral, adjustment, marriage, family, and/or alcohol and drug abuse problems.

Student Assistance Services

Westview's student assistance services take a holistic approach to treatment. We address a variety of behavioral issues through observation, structured activities, and group and family counseling sessions.

Internship Program

Westview's internship program gives undergraduate and graduate level students experience in the field of treatment. This program offers opportunities for students from technical schools, four year colleges, and graduate programs to receive supervision and instruction in areas ranging from administrative activities to intervention and treatment programs.

For more information, contact Westview at (803) 276-5690. Administrative Services

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