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Gift of Treatment

Westview Behavioral Health Services sponsors a year-round campaign called the Gift of Treatment to raise funds to offset the costs of treatment programming. And, in collaboration with "The Way, The Truth Outreach Ministries," features the Michael Bradley Jeter Fund as a primary means for community support. Additionally, The Mary Helen Altman Fund was established in 2001, to help support The Gift of Treatment.

In addition, many people who need treatment are not getting it because of financial considerations. Many in need of treatment are hesitant to commit to a payment plan because of their low income, and therefore, they avoid treatment entirely. Others who do commit to a payment plan pay only what they can each month.

While payment plans allow some who cannot afford the additional cost of treatment the opportunity to get help, these plans create a tremendous hardship on the agency. Many clients pay only a few dollars each month towards the cost of their treatment program, while Westview must pay set expenses, such as utilities and the salaries of its hardworking, professional staff.

The Gift of Treatment is important because it will provide an immediate source of funding for those in desperate need of treatment, but who don't get it because they believe they cannot afford added expenses. It will help ensure that Westview can continue its valuable work -- helping our neighbors and maintaining adequate facilities and high quality, professional staff.

Donors can complete our Gift of Treatment Donor Form and mail the form with their gift. Your gift is tax deductible and a receipt will be mailed to you.Gift_of_Treatment_Donor_Form.doc
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